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Everyone has a going my name is down, and I love gadgets. Today I'm going to be talking about the red me no to six pros. Specifically, I'm going to be reviewing it because I've been using this phone for the past few weeks. That's just the common like my main phone yeah I am had knocks tell you all about to tell you whether it's worth buying to say to us couldn't see what's pounds.

And yeah pretty much everything needs to know about the red we know to six probes now this is a very cheap phone it's only about one hundred and at dollars. If you bought from calm if you want to buy from Amazon and it's been are expensive, but it's roughly in the two hundred dollar range all around about a hundred and sixty pounds of the nature pounds depending on where you buy it from. Yeah this is a realistic take phone, and most I was not expecting much from its what can you expect from finding the last summer two hundred dollars.

I had to say that thousand dollars you'd have to spend on the latest iPhone the latest some soon. But I am a pleasant surprise with how good this phones, and it's replaced might be a bit produce. And some phone the sounds and as a so first I'm going to take you through the specs of this kind of really quickly say if it's not a camera into a phone.


What are the new features and updates on Redmi Note 6 Pro

I'm going to take you through the specs of this phone very quickly just the main thing you're reading to consider so firstly this is a note phone so because he quite a big it's got to six points to six inches screen. I have the screen, so the picture was eight inches four hundred and three to have gained four cameras in total to that the frog to at the back there to front ones have twenty megapixels and to make a pixel resolution. Display size is also excellent to watch videos. So if you want to download more videos from social websites then use tubemate apk app.

The ones in the back have twelve miner picks I'm five maker pixels. The friend cameras I'm basically for taking self these that's why it's such a big resolution very shock but the real cameras. Our leads are they looked better than the objects are not better size a much better for taking actual good shots of say like and like a portrait or something but yet I'll show you examples.

You soon the version I have had sixty for gigabytes of internal memory however you also can expand the memory whether micro steel. Art which is also not a lot of phones are liked to this animal or at least not love kind of the like shit phones kind of take that up for some reason. And the only star but so you can expand the memory of this foam to up to two hundred for six gigabytes which is a lot it's got a fourth.

Video quality and sound systems and battery levels.

Thousand engaged back which lost a long time so there is the main spect basically and just looking at those you can kind of see why is a lot of the cheaper I mean the screen the resolution. It isn't amazing it's not going to compete with the iPhone turns and the latest Samsung within the places like you. The ball excels pixel example in school but it's still pretty good is about they pick a look at the design of the phone because I mean it's on the stays you want to the point to look good and be two years so let's take a crisis look at what this phone books.

Like I guess yeah so the rarely any six pros like I said I got basics. I want to interesting screen the body quite thinks I mean it compared to some phones that I've used anyway it's got a mate millimeter thickness part to be on the thickness isn't a consideration for me at least because of the vast majority people when they're by a phone they buy.

This with it which increases the thickness anyway, so you mean they don't find this phone on comfort to use it's not ridiculous. If it's you can see here it's still a pretty thing and this is where the case on it so that's slightly thinner than this.

I mean the size and shape of the phone are more reminiscent of a by the sounds of galaxy notes series all of the pixel access cells. Yeah, that's why I guess it's got the note in the name is a big fine. If you are used to the smaller phones the kind of standard size this may take a little getting is to I mean I did from me.


Final thought of Redmi Note 6 Pro smartphone.

I had just as something as a which is significantly smaller than this but to be honest, I prefer these bigger phones it feels like he can do a lot more with the screen is clear the text is bigger the images are more significant when you play a game.

He's and stuff, so I prefer these big phones there are yet is fairly sizable not why as big as maybe the flash phones but it's still pretty big I mean. This is my hand it's yeah commons all of its bigger it's a big phone, but it's not so big that isn't confront to use. This phone features or notch style design is reminiscent of the more reason to phones which kind of keep all the cameras. On this little kind of much here, there's no but it that goes down and allows the freedom to go all the way up his and this is a very modern design I think it looks good I prefer it than just having a big blackboard.

It's not seen as you can see this kind of not style I think it looks perfect keeping her all at the top and allows the screen to be a little bit bigger and yeah I guess. It's undoubtedly a new soil, and it doesn't look even though it's only cheap two hundred dollars it seems like it could be more expensive I think just because of this. There's no manual bottom the boxes that have no physical.



Redmi Note 6 Pro Review

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